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In this book, he wrote about his life miseries like colorism, racism, homophobia and discrimination that he suffered as a young child.

Also, he publicly declared himself as a “gay” in “Transparent.” Don Lemon is inspired by Max Robinson- first black news presenter appeared on American TV from 1978 to 1984.

otherwise it be too much of a threat to white masculinity.

R6/R9 also posted this on the "A day without eldergays" thread:[quote] We would never have had the AIDS epidemic if it wasn't for the unsafe sex practices of the eldergays. At the very least you should be taking anti-depressants. I would suggest you don't go to that shitty ass Media Take Out - not only is it full of shit, but lot's of people get viruses just visiting that site...

“I guess this makes me a double minority now.” Lemon was approached by a publisher to write a book several years ago after speaking on a panel called "The Black Man in the Age of Obama." “It was supposed to be a little pamphlet,” he said.

“You know: say your prayers; have a good, hearty handshake; say good morning to your boss.” But as he was writing, he realized he wanted to tell his whole story, including how he was molested as a child.

I'm not interested in hanging out with uneducated people with an inferiority complex who always talk about race instead of doing something with their lives.

You can date whomever you chose regardless of race.

From the year 2003 to 2006, he used to work for the Channel 5 of NBC channel.

Lemon was sexually abused at the very young age of seven.

He has recently published a book named “Transparent” which was based on his life.

Therefore, he joined Brooklyn College where he completed his degree in broadcast journalism.

Later on, he joined Louisiana State University for his further studies. Born on March 1st in 1966, Don Lemon is a well-known figure in American television industry. His birth name was Donald Davis Lemon, and he was born in Baton Rouge in Louisiana. It is also said that his parents never got married.

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