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While Hircine is never directly mentioned in this book, it is highly suggested that this book details rituals belonging to his realm of Oblivion.Tells the story of Barenziah's rise and eventual fall while working for the Thieves Guild, and how she was captured by Symmachus.If that doesn't work and you wish to keep your save then you will need to fully reset Sofia.Take all your belongings from Sofia (see below if you are unable to retrieve your belongings), dismiss her then make a save far away from her, then go out of the game and deactivate the esp plugin Sofia Now go back out of the game again and reactivate the esp plugin and then load up the previous save and she will be back at the stables.The Play Station 4 and Xbox One versions of Skyrim: Special Edition introduce console mods for the first time, giving players the option to download and install small modifications to enrich the game as a whole.There aren’t as many mods available on console as there are on PC, but we still found a handful that will be worth your time.

The hotel' ' Bah we can't do that so sudden'.Thankfully, there’s a new mod that will help with that.The Ring of Increased Carry is a new item that gives the wearer 1000 more points of carry weight.Even better, it’s one of a pair, with the other ring granting 1000000 points.Both rings can be purchased from Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun for about 200 gold pieces.

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The fates of Straw, Therris and Katisha are revealed here and Barenziah is officially made the Queen of Mournhold.

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