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As you initially create a Textbox question, you are given the option to choose from Number, Email, Percent and Date (either MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY) as the type of validation.

These choices will automatically apply answer formatting that can be adjusted from the Validation tab.

You can also apply formatting validation to a textbox question after the fact on the Validation tab.

In many regex flavors, you can aerate your regex just like code, indenting and This lesson explains how to use the regex API for pattern matching with regular expressions.

true The servlet context is an interface which helps to communicate with other servlets.

The source code is compiled and tested in my dev environment.

I had designed a perfect form validation using javascript regular expression. It's very useful and supporting all the web browsers just take a look at post live demo.

The below given example shows how to validate a user name. It contains information about the Web application and container. Using the context, a servlet can obtain URL references to resources, and store attributes that other servlets in the context can use.

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  1. But deep inside the WSUS server, things are a mess: The WSUS server is the only computer that can get updates from itself, it cannot communicate with clients, and after a few days, all computers—except for the WSUS server itself—are listed as .