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Spark Networks did not admit wrongdoing as part of the settlement agreement, but "it did agree to pay each plaintiff ,000 and cover the 0,000 they had accumulated" in legal fees, CBC News reported.

A representative for the company told The Wall Street Journal that leaders were "pleased to resolve this litigation," but others are frustrated by the outcome.

The lawsuit focused on a California anti-discrimination law.

Aaron is a passionate young Elder (a Mormon missionary) who wants to do his family and church proud.

Should they stay together, or should Graham ditch him?

Related: Gay Mormon Teen Held Captive For Eight Months, Abused And Beaten As Part Of Horrifying “Reparative” Therapy This is a tough one, since the two boys also say they have a strong connection.

But, ugh, the weight of a homophobic religion is often enough to drive a person too crazy to maintain a relationship.

Their best chance for success is probably for Graham to express his needs — remember, self-care isn’t selfish — and give the Mormon boyfriend a choice: “either let me help you leave this homophobic church, or stick with the church that hates you without me.” (Of course, this advice doesn’t stand if they’re still in high school and living at home.

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