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Dateina Dash host a wide range of unique events including Wine Tasting, Yoga Classes, Singles Bar Crawls and large parties attracting up to 400 people!

Our venues including The Roof Gardens, Mahiki & Shaka Zulu.

As much as I think “opposites attract” can work it’s a lot more fun to hang out with someone who’s just as much of geek as you are, err, who has the same hobbies and interests as you do. You like writing and tennis, the web and blogging, technology and business.

You enjoy freedom, value spare time and stay in a perpetual state of relaxation for as long as you possible can.

I was thinking the other day what my dream girl would be like.

What matters is that we’ve *learned* that this is how life is meant to be.

Weird science – We're not afraid to put our foot on the throttle and zip through unfamiliar territory when it comes to matchmaking.

Time a history of attempts to find wanted bloggers dating someone who shares your lifestyle isn't always easy, and sometimes the techniques wanted dating bloggers are used for.

Different ways, since it offers various new approaches.

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Also because spammers target blogsites like crazy because of the peoplewho are willing to give up all their personal info on them.

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