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Good men, like great sex and comfortable heels, can be almost impossible to find.In the bustling metropolis known as Manhattan, women are plagued with the classic case of quantity over quality, where there's a plethora of men at their fingertips and none worthy of gripping onto. I find lately that any time I write an article outlining certain traits of men or how we "should" or "shouldn’t" act in a relationship (I have to be careful with those words because people often accuse me of telling everyone how to act…) that I get plenty of backlash from those who disagree with what I'm saying because men do not realistically act in these ways.First thing's first: Good men act in these ways.– Marcus Aurelius As men, one of our duties is to be gentlemanly to those that we encounter.There is perhaps no person that this pertains to more – and to a higher degree – than your partner.This leads to the next question: what character traits make up a “good man”? We’ve managed to narrow the “signs” of a good man down to 11.

A good man will never make you feel like an afterthought.

A good man will recognize your value; he will not make you feel the need to prove it to him.

The minute you feel that you have to prove your worth to the person you’re with is the minute you’ll know to walk away.

A good man either equals or surpasses your mother when it comes to being in your corner.

He’ll not only encourage you in your goals and work with you to meet them, but he’ll also share your successes as if they were his own.

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